Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday in the park with Zorro

Sunny and high 40s today, a welcome break from the past two weeks of ice and snow. Predictably, that meant that everyone who has a dog or could borrow one was on the path this afternoon. It's Super Bowl Sunday, and I think everyone wanted to get their exercise in before kick-off. We couldn't go five feet without running into another dog. Even the side paths we take to avoid traffic were occupied.
I've developed some strategies for days like today. Walking west toward Glencaryln Park is usually better because that stretch of the path, which goes through the woods, attracts more bikers and runners than dog walkers. Most of the dogs we encounter are purposeful dogs, running alongside their owners. Zorro will usually sit quietly until they've passed.
The stretch of the path that goes east, toward Bon Air Park, seems to attract slow walkers and stragglers, and sometimes unleashed dogs. Zorro doesn't deal well with these malingerers. I think he perceives them as sheep that have wandered away from the flock.
I think I'll wait until the game starts before taking Zorro out again.

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