Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A fast turnaround

Denny hosted a bunch of guys at our house in West Virginia this weekend and took Zorro along. With all the coming and going, I figured Zorro would get loose at least once and I was right. Someone left the porch gate open on Saturday and before anyone could react, Zorro streaked down the porch steps as if the hounds of hell were behind him.
What happened next is really interesting. Denny and his friends called for Zorro to come back, and sure enough, as soon as he got to the end of the driveway, he turned around and flew back to the porch, as the same rate of speed. Everyone was greatly relieved. Not sure if this counts as 100% recall but we'll take it. Not sure if it would have turned out so well if there had been deer in the vicinity.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Change of season=new dog

Now that fall is finally here the weather has cooled considerably and Zorro couldn't be happier. One afternoon this week, he bolted to the back fence as soon as I let him out the door. He wants to run for miles.
Since we're out on the path longer, we're running into more dogs, which is a challenge. For the most part, he's showing self-restraint. Denny had an interesting stand-off one day this week. Normally, we put Zorro in a "sit" until the other dog passes, but on this occasion, the other dog's owner instructed his dog to do the same thing. As they were staring at each from opposite sides of the path, someone else walked his two dogs right between them. Zorro and the other dog abandoned their sit to bark at the interlopers.
Lots of drama at work so my nighttime walks with Zorro are restorative. But days are getting shorter, so will soon need to carry a flashlight. I was already unsettled one dark morning this week by a dog that seemed to come out of nowhere, causing Zorro to nearly pull me over.