Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All weather dog

We are having a brutal winter. Snow, cold, ice. Zorro isn't the least bit bothered by it, which can be a problem. He doesn't understand why I'm poking along on the icy bike path.
He has good days and bad, but I definitely think his overall behavior is improving. Most of the time, when I say "let's go," he runs right up on the porch, because he knows he'll get a treat. And he's been pretty good about sitting until another dog goes by. The other day, a little beagle stopped and stared right at him, which tested him sorely.
The folks at doggie day care say he has improved greatly since he first started coming there, although they still call him the Boss Man. He got a report card a few weeks ago with an A+ for good behavior. No time outs. And yes, I know how silly that sounds.
We're working on fetch. He understands "drop," so I think we're getting there.

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